Around the league - IAFA news

Around the league – IAFA news

The IAFA 2017 season has officially come to a close, although not in the fashion in which the Vipers had hoped. After having a very successful winning streak of 6 games and beating every team they were matched up against, the Vipers fell short in the semi-final of the playoffs against the Louth Mavericks.

The Louth Mavericks had been hovering around 3rd-4th throughout the season and so it makes it all the more fantastic an accomplishment that they were able to win yesterday in the IAFA1 bowl against the Craigavon Cowboys, a great finish topping off the 1st and 2nd ranked teams. Our boys in red and gold are still in shock from the slightly lacklustre finish to the season but are already training hard for next season.

Also, a huge congratulations goes out to the Meath Bulldogs who despatched a rather strong but inexperienced Antrim Jets team with a 40-0 victory in the IAFA2 bowl, the Bulldogs stormed out of the gates with 34-0 at halftime but only managed another touchdown in the second half. The Jets had a great first season and will no doubt be looking to improve on their strong foundation.

Finally, commiserations have to go to the Carrickfergus Knights having fallen to the Dublin Rebels in the SBC final 12-6. The Rebels proving once again that they are the top team in Ireland… for now

The Rebels are now 9-time national champions in Ireland so the rest of the teams have a bit of catching up to do!