Week 10 Power Rankings - NFL

Week 10 Power Rankings – NFL

Week 10 Power Rankings - NFL

Philadelphia Eagles (8-1)

Bye Week

At 8-1 this is a good time for an Eagles team to take a bye as they rest up for the post season. At this point the 1st round bye is looking all but locked up. However we seen last season a similar dominant looking Eagles team fall of the wheels post bye. We’ll see how this team performs this time round


Week 10 Power Rankings - NFL

Los Angeles Rams (7-2)

Win 33-7

The Texans defence even without JJ Watt is no joke. Tom Savage however is a joke and the Rams after a stagnant first quarter unloaded the greatest show on turf narrative. Jared Goff looks solid, this team is looking fantastic and whilst the Eagles may take the headlines for the best record in the league, the Rams have by far the best Net points in the league with +134. Only thing to be worried about this Rams team in the post season is their inexperience both with the players & coaching.


Week 10 Power Rankings - NFL

Saints (7-2)

Win 47-10

The Saints winning games with a great running game & shutdown defence. We all seen that one coming right? The Saints had a franchise record 6 rushing touchdown including a Drew Bree’s walk in against what used to be a fantastic Bills defence. Whats happening in Buffalo? Who knows. The Saints are running away with the NFC South title as it stands.

3 – UP 2

Week 10 Power Rankings - NFL

New England Patriots (7-2)

Win 41-16

I was erring and arhing about whether to put the Saints or Patriots at 3. As a Falcons fan, neither was a fun option but credit where credits due, whilst both these teams had blowout wins this week, I would credit the Bills as being a better team. The Patriots played a great 3 phases and dominated the Broncos in Mile high as Brady continues to extinguish the ‘Brady Can’t win in Denver’ narrative. The Denver vaunted pass rush & defence was a non factor. It makes you question if Von Miller and that line are dealing with undisclosed injuries as they haven’t looked themselves since week 3.


Week 10 Power Rankings - NFL

Minnesota Vikings (7-2)

Win 38-30

Credit where credits due, Case Keenum looked fantastic bar a late interception or 2. Stefon Diggs is a top 3 WR right now and despite being out a few weeks with an injury he’s looked as dominant as ever. The Vikings have a strong defence but let the Redskins creep back late, never looked in any real worry of losing this one though. The Vikings are a dark horse in this playoff race.


Week 10 Power Rankings - NFL

Kansas City Chiefs (6-3)

Bye Week

Kareem Hunt was falling off his dominant streak in the last few weeks, a rookie ceiling will do that to you. Rookies just simply aren’t used to the intensity of the week in / week out work ethic and game speed of the NFL, the extended period of games doesn’t help either. Look for him to come out hot for a few weeks with a bit of rest on his week off.


Week 10 Power Rankings - NFL

Pittsburgh (7-2)

Win 20-17

The Steelers looked below average on offence against a Colts defence that had no Vontae Davis - their previous best cornerback and player by a wide margin. Make no mistake, this Steelers team is getting carried by it’s defence who kept this team in the game for all 60 minutes. The Steelers are lacking any spark to look dangerous in the postseason unless they get hot late, the record is a little misleading.

7 – DOWN 4

Week 10 Power Rankings - NFL

Jacksonsville Jaguars (6-3)

Win 23-7

When I heard the Jaguars were more or less abandoning the run in this one, I thought they were done for. Credit to Bortles for playing just well enough to pull this out against a tough defence and a dangerous pass rush in Joey Bona. The Jaguars are simply fantastic and a joy to watch defensively, it’ll keep them relevant come January just wait and see.

8 – UP 2

Week 10 Power Rankings - NFL

Seahawks (6-3)

Win 22-16

Bittersweet win for the Seahawks who suffered a rash of injuries in this tightly contested divisional matchup. The worst of which is losing Richard Sherman who has been dominant for this defence since entering the league. Sherman simply can’t be replaced as a player but his intellect should continue to help this team from the sidelines.


Week 10 Power Rankings - NFL

Carolina Panthers (7-3)

Win 45-21

The Panthers were a buzz saw for the Dolphins on primetime television. The lacklustre running game of the Panthers got going, Devin Funchess looked a true WR1 and now the Panthers are neck and neck with the Saints for the NFC South crown. It’s just heating up ladies and gentlemen.

10 – UP 1

Week 10 Power Rankings - NFL

Atlanta Falcons (5-4)

Win 27-7

After the Desmond Trufant interception was brought back by a neutral zone infraction, after Matt Ryan had another tipped ball intercepted. You could have been forgiven for thinking it was going to be more of the same. What nobody seen, including Adrian Clayborn or Chaz Green, Was Adrian Clayborn running rampant for a franchise record 6 sacks and 2 forced fumbles ( both recovered ). This team has been in need of a mental spark for a while, Clayborn beating Green like a drum might be the spark they needed. Devonta Freeman is going to be out for a few weeks is the downside but Tevin Coleman provides major upside as a stand in starter.

Most interestingly, if the Falcons and Panthers both win next week then the NFC South is inexplicably the best division in Football, even with a terrible Bucs squad acting as the lead weight. We’d see 3 NFC South teams in the top 10 and a chance for 3 teams from the same division to make the playoffs as crazy at that sounds.

11 – UP 3

Week 10 Power Rankings - NFL

Detroit Lions (5-4)

Win 38-24

The Lions didn’t look good in the 1st half, that much is true. The Browns genuinely looked like they were going to pull off the upset of the year, then Kizer went out. The Lions dominated the game from then on, scoring 14 unanswered points. Golden Tate is hugely underrated and continues to make amazing plays week in week out. The Lions importantly kept their playoff hopes alive here and are in a knife fight with the Falcons for playoff scraps with the Seahawks and Panthers being borderline contenders as it is.

12 – UP 3

Week 10 Power Rankings - NFL

Dallas Cowboys (5-4)

Loss 7-27

Chaz Green may not have a job after this season. Without their all pro LT this Cowboys offensive line looked very human and not the superpower it had been before. It wasn’t just Chaz Green getting bullied as Dak was often running for his life or struggling to force passes from a collapsed pocket. Sean Lee going down was also a huge loss for this defence and it warrants serious questioning how A) This team is so bad defensively without him and B) Why did the Cowboys do nothing to help out Chaz Green? Jason Garrett is looking seriously overrated as a head coach right now.

13 – DOWN 5

Week 10 Power Rankings - NFL

Redskins (4-5)

Loss 30-38

Poor Redskins, they’ve had a rough schedule so far and just haven’t been clicking right on offence. It didn’t help that Josh Norman didn’t give Stefon Diggs the respect he deserves as he was roasted throughout the game.

14 – Down 2

Week 10 Power Rankings - NFL

Tennessee Titans (6-3)

Win 24-20

The Titans move on up the power rankings but continue to fail the eye test. Where else do they fail? The Net points test at -8 they’re looking more like pretenders than contenders. Division rivals the Jaguars for comparison have allowed 70 less points and scored 20 more. Look for a second half collapse from the Titans.

15 – UP 3

Week 10 Power Rankings - NFL

Oakland Raiders (4-5)

Bye Week


Week 10 Power Rankings - NFL

Buffalo Bills (5-4)

Loss 10-47

What has happened this Bills team, just a few short weeks I was conceding this was a playoff team and finally the Bills were for real. Then the Saints came to town, put up 300 yards rushing and 6 touchdowns on a team that used to average less than 80 rushing yards a game allowed.

17 – DOWN 4

Week 10 Power Rankings - NFL

Green Bay Packers (5-4)

Win 23-16

It wasn’t the Minnesota Vikings but the Packers played a great game against divisional rival the Chicago Bears. Brett Hundley finally had a breakout game with some great passes down the field to Randall Cobb. Not a playoff threat but the backup QB is showing some progress.

18 – UP 6

Week 10 Power Rankings - NFL

Miami Dolphins (4-5)

Loss 45-21

What to say about the Dolphins, it was relatively clear early they didn’t have a chance in this one, outside of a few miracle wins this entire team has been a massive disappointment. Some might be quick to blame Jay Cutler but the problems on this team go way beyond Quarterback. The Jets are a better team than the Dolphins with half the talent available

19 – DOWN 2

Week 10 Power Rankings - NFL

Houston Texans (3-6)

Loss 7-33

Tom Savage is not the quarterback of the future, nor is he a backup. The Texans made a serious error in not signing Colin Kaepernick who would have been just fine behind this patchwork offensive line. The defence while a solid unit, had no chance against this loaded offence who are averaging over 30 points a game.

20 – UP 1

Week 10 Power Rankings - NFL

Chicago Bears (3-6)

Loss 16-33

Solid performance by Mitch Trubisky in this loss, Bears fans are catching glimpses of what the future holds and this draft should be kind to them in terms of drafting position to strengthen this roster for the future. Having some healthy WR’s will definitely help.

21 – DOWN 2

Week 10 Power Rankings - NFL

New York Jets (4-6)

Loss 10-15

So the Jets are likely out of the playoff race, oh well, they’ve proved themselves as far as effort goes, they over performed their talent all year long and Todd Bowles has definitely earned a few more years.


Week 10 Power Rankings - NFL

Los Angeles Chargers (3-6)

Loss 17-20

Philip Rivers deserves more than what his career has been. He never got to play in a Super Bowl despite playing in an AFC Championship game through the pain of an ACL Tear, he’s just never had that surrounding cast and when he has on paper, they just never seem to play to their potential.

23 – UP 2

Week 10 Power Rankings - NFL

Denver Broncos (3-6)

Loss 16-41

The Broncos looked like a lock for the playoffs from weeks 1-2. Life comes at you fast in this league however and now that they’ve resorted to Osweiler again, it shows that the Broncos have no real plan at Quarterback. The running game is not dominant enough to carry and this defence has looked nothing like the no fly zone it was in years past. I think it’s about time we stuck a fork in this team.

24 – DOWN 4

Week 10 Power Rankings - NFL

Baltimore Ravens - (4-5)

Bye Week

Ravens better get some offensive answers on this bye week. The defence has been inconsistent but has a very high upside if they can get going. If the Ravens offensive struggles continue season long it may be time for the team to start looking at another QB outside of Flacco who’s been nothing like his Super Bowl MVP form since.

25 – UP 1

Week 10 Power Rankings - NFL

Arizona Cardinal (4-5)

Loss 16-22

Arizona put up a solid defensive effort, it’s worth remembering that this team lost a 3rd of its offence when David Johnson went down, then they lost their starting QB. Drew Stanton is an average to below average QB. He’s very capable of making some great throws but more often than not, overthrows his receivers on the sideline, makes questionable decisions and isn’t really starter material. Another team that should look at drafting a QB for the future early next season.

26 – DOWN 3

Week 10 Power Rankings - NFL

Cincinnati Bengals (3-6)

Loss 20-24

The Bengals were outplayed most of the game outside of another great effort by AJ Green who managed to keep his cool this time round. The Titans fumbled one out of the end zone for a touchback which made this one closer than it should have been.


Week 10 Power Rankings - NFL

Indianapolis Colts (3-7)

Loss 17-20

The Colts threw this one away late, sad result considering how well the Colts had played and remained in control for most of this game. The Andrew Luck controversy is thickening and you have to wonder if he’ll bother sticking around once he inevitably returns to the NFL.


Week 10 Power Rankings - NFL

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (3-6)

Loss 20-24

Tampa barely scrapped by the Jets with a late Fitzpatrick TD to seal this game up. Bucs are mostly playing for pride at this point unless this team plays up to it’s hard knocks hype and goes on an undefeated run.


Week 10 Power Rankings - NFL

San Francisco 49ers (1-9)

Win – 31-21

The 49ers finally win one! I actually had their first win being an upset of divisional rivals the Seahawks but a massive relief this must be for head coach Kyle Shanahan who definitely wouldn’t want his coaching tenures legacy to be added to comparisons of the Lions winless record. Now that the monkeys off their back, expect a few more wins towards the end of the season and no Jimmy Garoppolo

30 – UP 1

Week 10 Power Rankings - NFL

New York Giants (1-8)

Loss 21-31

New York Giants fans must be humiliated by this point. Michael Rapaport was heard as saying “There’s no way the Giants lose to this winless 49ers team” Well, the calls for McDoo to be fired get a bit louder, Elis future is more questionable and this overpriced defences desire to play is getting called into question. Not a good look for what is normally a cornerstone franchise.

31 – DOWN 1

Week 10 Power Rankings - NFL

Cleveland Browns (0-9)

Loss 24-38

Kizer put in a solid effort and the Browns looked to be even stealing the upset here until an injury effectively put a clamp on the Browns effort. There is talent on this Browns team but the organisation Is unquestionably dysfunctional


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